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The scariest thing in life is uncertainty. We used to be good friends. She looks confused. She discovered a new colourful world. When Pratap tried to kiss Niall, she slapped him. Most of the passengers were Canadians. The climate of Japan is mild. I don't know, but I bet Arne does.

I was thinking about it a few weeks ago. Are you waiting for me? I'm not really sure about anything. During the time period known as Paleolithic, man had to struggle for his survival. Her story is true.

Tyler was here before sunrise. That exercise - backs together, link arms, one bends forwards while the other stretches their back - we did that a lot as children, didn't we? You're probably wondering who I am. Let's follow the others. You can't care for pets. Jennie didn't seem to want to go with us. We're all prisoners. I can see that book. I'm clean. I still have many friends from the Canary Islands.

I know Rand isn't stupid. You should do something you enjoy doing. Kelly struck a match and put it to his pipe. What is William to you? Where do you think all the money goes?

Don't push your food around your plate.

There are four men and three women in our house. Go there and talk to her. The heart beats more often with the flowering of love. This is Brazilian lumber. One of the best kinds in the world.

What does Carter think of all this? All right. I'll come as soon as possible. I wonder if this is really necessary. All hope of my promotion went up in smoke after my reorganization plan fell through. I love the sound of her name. I don't take any pleasure in this.

No one will be released. I'll think about what I did. Unfortunately, there was no one around.

I am a child. Let's take a rest in the garden instead of indoors. Win never was strong. I can't get anywhere with it. It's worth going to Bali because you can see the amazing sunset. Gold doesn't rust. Once the work is done, usually around half past five, I come home to have dinner. Elsa moved here three months ago.

I remember Jiri asking for my help. I may give up soon and just nap instead. I told Kyu that getting a tattoo would be a stupid thing to do.

I just want her to be happy. He was sound asleep.

My husband and I will travel to Versailles in the spring to watch an opera. This meal is healthy, delicious and cheap. Syun has achieved remarkable results. Would you like to order dessert? Today's not Christmas. Do you have any medical problems? The professors can make mistakes, too.

The scars of your love remind me of us. Did you get in a fight with Bjorne? It's too late to visit Konrad. Is there anybody who can drive a car? Case died when we were young.

I'm going to cook for you. I dyed my hair blonde. TV is also not what it used to be.

This was an executive decision.

Rajeev couldn't talk about his ordeal with anyone. Some of the toy dolls are too expensive to buy. How did Charles get injured? The party arrived at Kyoto. I'll wait up for him.

I don't like coffee. Jun's house is near Vladimir's school. Give him any help you can. I don't like to be alone. He stepped out for a moment. I trust that, in the long run, I will not be a loser. You said there were three, but I could only find two. We've been without power for three days now. This is what the law says. It was a beautiful evening.